Additional Portfolio Galleries

Some art modeling work involves various degrees of nudity, or for example some bodypaint projects may contain gory or other sensitive content that may not be suitable for all viewers/visitors. These galleries are not linked in order to prevent accidental viewing and copying by web bots/search engines.


  • You will honor the legal Copyrights meaning you will NOT not download, print, save, copy, email, post, modify, or share the images found in this section without specific consent

  • You understand these galleries contain no pornographic, illegal, or sexually explicit content but DO contain implied, partial, and/or full nudity. By entering the galleries listed below, you are indicating you are NOT offended by the nude human body portrayed in artistic, modeling, and/or portrait contexts.

  • You understand bodypaint sections may contain designs involving horror themes, gore, etc

    You are welcome to contact Avid Light about modeling for portfolio work in similar or other styles of work. Additional samples may be available offline, upon request.

    AVID LIGHT 2 -- more inclusive than the public gallery including fine art nude/figure work. This (AL2) gallery is still 'tame' and contains no erotic content or full frontal photographic nudity. No password is required but you do have to jump through this hoop since it isn't hyperlinked. On you web address bar, after avidlightmodel/ simply type portfolio/AL2 so it should look like

    AVID LIGHT 3 -- the most extensive portfolio and with higher resolution images, AL3 overlaps AL1 and AL2 but includes photography with frontal nudity in non-erotic contexts. AL3 is password-protected to prevent accidental viewing by anyone offended by artistic nudity. For access find hints in the AL2 gallery, or contact Avid for assistance.