Avid Light 1

Portfolio AL1 is a public family-friendly selection of modeling samples with no explicit nudity violence. (Additional work in AL2 or 3; see website). Email avid@avidlightmodel.com to collaborate!
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Bodypaint & Effects

Modeling work for bodypaint projects or those involving a high degree of special effects or manipulation.

69 images

Art & Figural NF

Artistic renderings emphasizing the anonymous human shape, form, or figure whether abstract or more literal. This public gallery contains a limited selection;…

30 images

Art & Portrait RF

Modeling portraits or artistic imagery that includes a sense of identity.

25 images

Draw, Paint, & Other

For work in which was used as model for non-photographic art such as sketching/drawing, painting, or digital art. I've just started in this realm and hope to…

3 images