Family-friendly eclectic showcase of 100 semi-randomly selected examples of artwork created with my modeling, including both traditional mediums and photography/digital. This gallery does not contain explicit photographic nudity. Inquiries/feedback about Avid's modeling or specific works featured here are welcome; email
100 images
14 40m CinCinFang 3734585342179672064.jpgAndrewGraham DSC0580s.jpgGreatFallsAA LongPose UNK Student 170720407c 3200px NoWM.jpgShannonBeatty - AncientSpiritGuardian19 - MoonlightWatch - RevologSSP_101 ALr.jpgFX KarlWesley +Photo Theseus 52d0cf1dc6.jpgShannonBeatty - CinestillSSP_140 SMBe1ALr.jpgCT AndrewGraham 0612r 3200px NoWM.jpgStudent - ALTedReed 214211121 3200px NoWM.jpgOnline 3h withMagenta EvanGoldman ErosPsyche !Finished 915203 3200px NoWM.jpgShannonBeatty - Digi_1200300 SMBeditALr.jpgChestertownRapisi UNK 8457 3200px NoWM.jpgKarinCabrera XPOSE Avid shirt1ALe - FindMyHeart.jpgBodypaint MiriamBraly+ LeahKowalsky Photo StormyEyes DSC0340eRLOc2.jpgAngelaBandi - SusanONeill Class LongPose 7365743826069499314nc.jpgBodypaint MandyGibson +Photo 3052875r 3200px NoWM.jpgBodypaint KarinCabrera +Photo DSC0527 ALecLTM.jpgNickAtkins 20160622 451417778.jpgAndrewGraham DSC0146s ALr.jpgBodypaint DortchDesigns +Photo Enlight162 ALeV DissolveToBlack.jpgBodypaint RhondaHardesty Photo SWT 3860529679230184897c.jpg