Showcase of 100 semi-randomly selected examples of artwork created with my life modeling in traditional mediums (drawing, painting, sculpture. This gallery does not contain explicit photographic nudity. Inquiries/feedback about Avid's modeling or specific works featured here are welcome; email
100 images
!Slide - Intro Portfolio 1AngelaBandi - SusanONeill Class LongPose 253296066210 5m PaulDobbins 120232366574134963CSA-Student 161937749c15m DCAMC ME EvanGoldman 9072905651570615424EgeliWS SarahGriffith01 NoWMMH LongPose UNKN 56079cDonalMacManus Enders20210400_SculptureWIP3 19859cLTMV20210610 StudentOfLisaSemerad 41565100m RoxaneHynek InkOnRoughGessoRLiberaceWorkshop - byKevinWueste 5162340010315446578VAA-Hagerstown LongPose UNK 1896c NoWMAL 3h LisaSemerad 04087 NoWMLongPose WSS ErinPedati 2788225905132008125DCAMC ME 25m CinCinFang 7856302931349091517EvanGoldman 3hSesh v1 graphite 2140475971537854612MaisonDG VeronicaSeverini 2crNODG 09w 2h+ EvelynBrody 293338068178136894616 15m SuZhang 063sesh EvanGoldman IMG20201227144541 sm