Family-friendly eclectic showcase of ~100 semi-randomly selected examples of artwork created with my modeling, including both traditional mediums and photography/digital. This gallery does not contain explicit photographic nudity. Inquiries/feedback about Avid's modeling or specific works featured here are welcome; email
111 images
!Slide - Intro Portfolio 1Online NODG LP ClosePOV CinCinFang 1514098IG-kseneroart 20230127 fm ALR 5915 cV E6562m LAndrewGraham 20220721 CT 0774 r LAndrewGraham 20220721 CT 0831r ALesOnline WSS HeatherBlackwell 629456 LOnline WSS JaniceStrauss 10360 LDCAMC ME 15m ColleenWampoleBodypaint MandyGibson +Photo 3052875r 3200px NoWMShannonBeatty - AncientSpiritGuardian30 - RevologSSP89 ALrOnline PortraitModelZoomDG LP TerriAnneEllis 32396305 LAL 3h UNK StudentOfLisaSemerad7469r 3200px NoWMOnline WSS-MartinCamposWS 60m JohnRohrbach 7621509 LStudentOfLisaSemerad 41565MH LongPose UNKN 56079cMH LP UNK 40447Online 3h withMagenta EvanGoldman ErosPsyche !Finished 915203 3200px NoWMUMCP 5+10m UNK StudentOf ProfJones 05575 3200px NoWMMaisonDG VeronicaSeverini 2crWSS LP TeenSPstudent 171502488 L