Family-friendly eclectic showcase of 100 semi-randomly selected examples of artwork created with my modeling, including both traditional mediums and photography/digital. This gallery does not contain explicit photographic nudity. Inquiries/feedback about Avid's modeling or specific works featured here are welcome; email
101 images
!Slide - Intro Portfolio 1ShannonBeatty - CinestillSSP_125 ALrAndrewGraham 20220721 CT 0831r ALesFX KarlWesley +Photo Theseus 52d0cf1dc6KarlWesley Theseus SS10of11 ALeOnline NODG LP ClosePOV CinCinFang 1514098Bodypaint DortchDesigns +Photo Enl312eAL LongPose UNK StudentOf LisaSemerad 150746156c 3200px NoWM09 15m SuZhang 回复 6FE7F8EF37EE0B3423819CD68556A766ArtFarm LongPose UNKN 55297ShannonBeatty - CinestillSSP_140 SMBe1ALrAngelaBandi - SusanONeill Class LongPose 7365743826069499314ncDCAMC ME 15m ColleenWampoleShannonBeatty - AncientSpiritGuardian32 - RevologSSP104rVST-NEBodypaint MandyGibson 223025874KarinCabrera XPOSE Avid showerarm4ALe2 - DropsKenHarriford Tapestry 20170402Avid J0014eMH LongPose BarbBrown IMG_4177c 3200px NoWMBodypaint ChristaleneKaraiskakis +Photo 09199ec19 15m ErinPedati 8621203190232200455